La camorra nella governance del territorio

Autore: Vittorio Martone
In: Meridiana. 73-74, 2012
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Waste Management, Public-Private Partnerships and the Stone Guests. The camorra as a Stakeholder in Territorial Governance.
In this essay we analyze the illegalities committed in the management of E.Co.Quattro S.p.A., a joint venture that manages the waste in 20 municipalities in the Province of Caserta from 2000 to 2005. This company is the centre of an interesting system of penetration of organized crime in waste management. Particularly, in public-private partnership the camorra enter directly into the territorial government by setting up a monopoly in environmental services taking control on public spending. In this frame, the aims of the essay are: to reflect on the mechanisms of insertion of the camorra in waste management; to analyze the institutional and regulatory frameworks that facilitate infiltration; to observe the progressive specialization of the camorra in this market; to reconstruct the complex relational network that supports it. Through public-private partnership the «eco-camorra» becomes a stakeholder in the local governance and takes control of basic functions, like planning the land use of urban and rural development. A «governance model» that has devastating consequences on land use, with a proliferation of storage areas and landfills that transform the environmental integrity of large areas.