Camorra e criminalità ambientale in Veneto

Autore: Gianni Belloni
In: Meridiana. 73-74, 2012
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Camorra and Environmental Crime in Veneto
The Veneto in northern Italy is an exception: there seem to be present, as opposed to other regions of northern Italy, structured criminal organizations. In fact, criminal organizations are present in the Veneto region for at least a couple of decades, but their modus operandi has been hybridised to the socioeconomic context of the region. The context is characterized by the presence of minorities, the careful protection of the area and other institutions unable to regulate the economy, and by frequent episodes of corruption in public administration. In recent years,the illicit trade waste has seen the leadership of the Veneto traffickers who acted through agreements with traffickers for the illegal disposal of waste. Today the direction of the waste trade is not yet from Veneto to Campania and, simultaneously, the role of organized crime has changed, becoming more nuanced and difficult to identify. The Camorra would pass from waste disposal to the reinvestment of money in companies.