La favola di una strage

Autore: Daniele Giglioli
In: Meridiana. 73-74, 2012
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The tale of a mass murder
The author critically dwells on some formal and thematic aspects of the film Romanzo di una strage by Marco Tullio Giordana. Overall, he finds that the film gives a lukewarm and moderate representation of a historical period that was dominated by cries and rebellion, and thus contrasts strongly with that impassioned period, marked by violence and conflict. The reassuring acting style of the cast, the weak use of color and soft-toned images, and bodies’ almost total lack of materiality appear as a metaphor of a renunciation and mistrust of Politics and participation in History, a metaphor whose dominant component is impotence. But this is how for some time now a significant part of the Italian middle class prefers to depict itself.