Asia Maior. XXXII/2021. Asia in 2021: In the grip of global and local crises

Testata: Asia Maior • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
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pp. 476, ISBN: 9791254690987
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  • Nicola Mocci (22 September 1969 – 29 January 2022)
  • Michelguglielmo Torri, Foreword. Asia Maior in 2021: Pandemic crisis; US-China confrontation; authoritarian involution
  • Silvia Menegazzi, China 2021: Coping with the resilience dilemma of the Chinese model
  • Giulio Pugliese & Corey Wallace, Japan 2021: The Liberal Democratic Party emerges stronger despite domestic tumult
  • Marco Milani, Korean peninsula 2021: Managing the crisis and adapting to the new situation
  • Aurelio Insisa, Taiwan 2021: Heightened geo-economic relevance amid rising cross-strait tensions
  • Miguel Enrico G. Ayson & Lara Gianina S. Reyes, The Philippines 2021: Populist legacy and looming uncertainties
  • Boike Rehbein, Laos 2017-2021: Revival of the subsistence ethic
  • Caroline Bennett, Cambodia 2018-2021: From democracy to autocracy
  • Emanuela Mangiarotti, Malaysia 2021: A widening political legitimacy crisis
  • Edoardo Siani, Thailand 2019-2021: Military, monarchy, protests
  • Matteo Fumagalli, Myanmar 2021: Repression and resistance in a multi-cornered conflict
  • Silvia Tieri, Bangladesh 2021: The year of the golden jubilee and the second wave of pandemic
  • Diego Maiorano, India 2021: Politics amid the pandemic
  • Diego Abenante, Sri Lanka 2021: From pandemic emergency to political and economic crisis
  • Marco Corsi, Pakistan 2021: In pursuit of a pivotal role in post-pandemic South Asia
  • Filippo Boni, Afghanistan 2021: US withdrawal, the Taliban return and regional geopolitics
  • Luciano Zaccara, Iran 2021: The year of transition
  • Carlo Frappi, Azerbaijan 2021: Towards a new beginning?
  • Reviews
  • Appendix