Dietro la porta chiusa. I Registra del Vicariato di Torino come fonte per lo studio della violenza domestica in ancien régime

Autore: Mario Grassi
In: Genesis. XXI/1, 2022
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Beyond the Closed Door. The Registra of the Turin Vicariate as a Source for the Study of Domestic Violence in the ancien régime

The article discusses the issues of gender-based and domestic violence in the ancien régime. These topics, recently at the centre of a lively historiographic attention, are of extreme importance and interest for their long-term implications and contemporary repercussions. Through the use of previously unused sources for the present purpose (the so-called Registra), the essay sheds light on the institutional and documentary reality of the Vicariate of Turin in the 18th century, bringing new knowledge related to studies on gender and domestic violence, and sexuality, but also on the history of city institutions and community equilibria.

keywords: domestic violence; marriage; divorce; summary procedure; ius corrigendi; early modern turin