Per Elena Pulcini. Passioni politiche e argomentazioni filosofiche

Autore: Anna Loretoni
In: Genesis. XXI/1, 2022
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For Elena Pulcini. Political Passions and Philosophical Reasoning

The essay aims at reconstructing the philosophical research path of Elena Pulcini, starting from her first studies on the Frankfurt School up to her interests towards the ecological crisis, within the theoretical framework of vulnerability and global challenges, during her final years. Particular attention has been devoted to explore the topic of passions, their role in the definition of a new kind of Individualism, also through the inclusion of a feminist perspective. In Pulcini’s work the centrality of the category of care is shaped in relation to the idea of justice, amplified to assume a global meaning. The final part of the essay stresses her proposal for an ethical transformation of the individuals, thanks to passions like empathy and compassion.

keywords: passions, individualism, vulnerability, care, justice