Forum: Donne e culture oltre i confini del Mediterraneo: l’itineraio intellettuale di Anna Vanzan

Autore: Nadia Maria Filippini
In: Genesis. XXI/1, 2022
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Anna and the Others. Women and Cultures beyond the Mediterranean

This Forum dedicated to the late Anna Vanzan, an Iranist and a scholar of Islam, a university lecturer, a member of the Sis and of the S.C. of the journal «Genesis», and former member of the Society’s board of directors, who died prematurely in December 2020. Well-known not only in the academic milieu thanks to her activity of dissemination and translation of contemporary Iranian literature, she devoted her intense research activity to the history of women and gender in the Islamic world, contributing to deconstruct established stereotypes, highlighting the richness of a dynamic and anything but pas-sive reality. Her contribution to the knowledge of Iranian culture and literature has been fundamental, and in 2017 she was awarded the MIBACT lifetime achievement award. This Forum comprises several entries, presented from different points of view, related to her many and wide-ranging activities, analysing her scientific and literary translation production, considering her activity as a teacher, especially appreciated by students, and finally recalling her path and contribution in the Italian Society of Women Historians.

Keywords: anna vanzan; persian literature; women’s history in islamic areas; translation from persian; intersectionality; visual culture; world history; gender in islamic world