Nelle tempeste della globalizzazione. Il «Molo polisettoriale» di Taranto fra dinamiche di mercato e bonifica ambientale (1977-2015)

Autore: Salvatore Romeo
In: Meridiana. 106, 2023
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In the Storms of Globalization. The «Molo Polisettoriale» of Taranto between Market Dynamics and Environmental Remediation (1977-2015)

The «Molo polisettoriale» of Taranto has become fully operational in 2001, after one of the world’s leading shipping companies – Evergreen – obtained a concession for its use. Several expectations are condensed around this step: those of the Italian government, which aims to transform the country into a «Mediterranean hub»; and those of the local community, which hopes for the start of a development process. However, these expectations must be confronted with the urgency of environmental remediation. The situation is further complicated by the increasing competition that followed the great crisis of 2008. Attempts by the central government and the local Port Authority to meet Evergreen’s demands finally proved unsuccessful.

Keywords: Remediation; Globalization; Port Authorities; Development policies