La sfida della «transizione giusta» in due aree di antica industrializzazione: Taranto e Sulcis

Autori: Lidia Greco, Sabrina Perra, Maria Letizia Pruna
In: Meridiana. 106, 2023
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The Challenge of the «Just Transition» in Two Old Industrial Areas: Taranto and Sulcis

Starting from the approval of the Just Transition Fund from the EU, this study reflects comparatively on the trajectories of socio-economic development undertaken by the two Italian areas targeted by the Fund: Taranto (Puglia) and Sulcis Iglesiente (Sardinia). It also contributes to the debate on the deindustrialization of old industrial areas. Firstly, the article observes that the Fund will impact on two different trajectories of deindustrialization. Secondly, although appearing as a positive stimulus, it raises some critical issues concerning the capacity of the two territories to renew their administrative action to implement the Fund’s objectives and to integrate them with previous strategies

Keywords: Just Transition, deindustrialization, Taranto, Sulcis Iglesiente