Alle origini della Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta sul ciclo dei rifiuti. Genesi, componenti e attività (1994-96)

Autore: Andrea Carnì
In: Meridiana. 106, 2023
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The Origins of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Waste Cycle. Genesis, Members and Activities (1994-96)

This paper analyzes the path that led to the establishment of the first parliamentary commission of inquiry into the waste cycle in Italy. A study that interacts with the sector literature and historiography, in the context of Italian politics and the history of the environment and Italian environmentalism. At the center of the essay are the proposals elaborated by Italian parliamentarians in the first half of the 1990s and the sources they used to prepare them. The contribution draws attention both to the genesis, as mentioned, and to the work of the unicameral commission of inquiry, the deputies who made it up, the missions carried out and the witnesses heard, the reports (quarterly and final) written, approved, and published.

Keywords: Environmental history; Ecomafie; Parliamentary inquiry