Un possibile modello di sviluppo sostenibile: Bacoli e la Piscina Mirabilis

Autori: Rodolfo Baggio, Cinzia Massa, Vincenzo Moretti
In: Meridiana. 106, 2023
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A Possible Model for Sustainable Development: Bacoli and the Piscina Mirabilis

Beautiful places, endowed with a rich cultural and historical value, can be an important determinant for favoring creative and innovative practices leading, ultimately, to a balanced socio-economic development. The (strategic) management of such initiatives requires a good organizational culture and sound cooperative planning, involving extensive joint interactions of all stakeholders involved. Here we discuss the case of the Piscina Mirabilis in Bacoli (in Naples’ metropolitan area) run by the first Italian public-private partnership managing an archeological site. We examine the characteristics, the critical aspects, and the potential for a balanced and sustainable socio-economic development.

Keywords: Beauty; Sustainable development; Cultural heritage; Public-private partnerships