Lo Stato «disaggregato»

Autore: Alessandro Agosta
In: Meridiana. 106, 2023
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The «Disaggregated» State

This article discusses thesis exposed by Melania Nucifora in her last work published in 2021 about the problematic institutional coordination between ordinary State structures and extraordinary authorities engaged in South of Italy during the XX century. The review, starting from the considerations of the author, reconstructs evolutions of public policies for the South in connection with the long debate about the Italian regionalism, the relations between regions and central State, the processes of modernization of public administration until the most recent European policies for territorial development. Following Nucifora’s reading of these phenomena, the analysis explains the historical reasons of the disaggregation of State and its difficulties to coordinate central and peripheral institutions.

Keywords: Regionalism; Technocracy; Decentralization; Development Policies