«Per lungo tempo ho viaggiato da sola e da straniera». Intrecci di sguardi e di narrazioni nell’Europa della prima modernizzazione

Autore: Elena Musiani
In: Genesis. XXII / 1, 2023
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«For a Long Time I Travelled Alone and as a Foreigner»: Intertwining Perspectives and Narratives in the Europe of Early Modernisation

The essay aims to reread the life and writings of Flora Tristan (1803-1844) and at the same time focus attention on one of the themes at the centre of debate in the first half of the 19th century: that of the metropolises, which were changing under the pressure of increasing industrialisation. These were spaces that became a major source of investigation and concern for the ruling classes of the time and the mirror through which to survey the main effects of modernisation. Tristan also made travel the perspective through which she developed her political and social thinking, contributing to reading the city also through a gendered lens.

keywords: flora tristan, paris, londres, modernisation, liberalism, feminism, travel