Tre giorni alla fine del mare. Diario di pellegrinaggio alla Mecca di una principessa qajar (1303-1304/1886-1887)

Autore: Leila Karami
In: Genesis. XXII / 1, 2023
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Three Days at the End of the Sea. Pilgrimage Account to Mecca of a Qajar Princess (1303-1304/1886-1887)

Three Days at the End of the Sea is the title of manuscript No. 5-18422 in the Tehrān National Library, transcribed and published in 1397 (2018). Written in Persian, this is a Qajar princess account of her pilgrimage to Mecca. On Wednesday, 21st šaʿbān 1303 (May 25, 1886) she leaves Ṭabas (an Iranian eastern city) to which she would return fifteen months later, on 11 ḏu al-ḥijja 1304 (August, 31st 1887), the last date given in the manuscript. This essay aims at analyzing the connection between travel and writing in the wake of the events reported in Three Days at the End of the Sea.

keywords: travel account, pilgrimage, qajar dinasty, Iranian women, manuscript