Asia Maior

The Journal of the Italian Think Tank on Asia founded by Giorgio Borsa in 1989

ISSN Cartaceo: 2385-2526 | ISSN Elettronico: 2612-6680

Asia Maior

Asia Maior. The Journal of the Italian Think Tank on Asia founded by Giorgio Borsa in 1989 is the journal of Asia Maior – An Italian think tank on Asia (the legal name of which, in Italian, is: «Associazione Asia Maior»). Asia Maior is a peer-reviewed journal which has been classified by ANVUR, the Italian authority in charge of the evaluation of Italian higher education and research, as a class A journal in the field of Asia’s history. It is possible to publish in Asia Maior only by invitation; authors are chosen on the basis of their previous scientific work. However, scholars with adequate experience, who are willing to publish, are encouraged to submit their candidacy, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a paper whose subject is related to the country which the aspirant author desires to analyse in Asia Maior.

Before being published in Asia Maior, all articles, whether commissioned or unsolicited, after being first evaluated by the Journal’s editors, are then submitted to a double-blind peer review involving up to three anonymous referees. Coherently with the double-blind peer review process, Asia Maior does not make public the name of the reviewers. However, the reviewers’ names – and, if need be, the whole correspondence between the journal’s editors and the reviewer/s – can be disclosed to interested institutions, upon a formal request made directly to the Editor in Chief of the journal.

This journal is published jointly by Associazione Asia Maior & CSPE - Centro Studi per i Popoli extra-europei “Cesare Bonacossa” - Università di Pavia